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Kristyn A. on Oct 18, 2018 for One 30-Minute V-Steam

I absolutely loved everything! This was my first steaming experience  and I can't wait to come back again.

Crystal H. on Oct 15, 2018 for One 60-Minute Reiki Session

It’s was very relaxing and positive experience.  Sadaqa was wonderful .

Hallie R.on Sep 27, 2018 for One 60-Minute Reiki Session

Great vibe in her office! I really enjoyed this session and I found it very helpful

Barbara L. on Sep 18, 2018 for Two 60-Minute Reiki Sessions

This was my introduction to Holistic Health Services. My experience was quite relaxed. Everything was handled very professionally and I will be going back for my second session in a few weeks.

Melissa R. on Sep 7, 2018 for One 60-Minute Reiki Session

I walked in to ambiance...The atmosphere was so inviting. I left with a clarity and serenity. The chi machine was amazing I cant wait until my next session and to try some of the other services.

Jennifer on Aug 5, 2018 for One 60-Minute Reiki Session

This was my first reiki experience and Sadaqa delivered. I felt my body fighting her off at certain points - protesting the opening of my root chakra. I feel like I’ve completed step one to healing and being myself again. If you have any interest in reiki, definitely give Asé a shot!

by  Anonymouson Apr 30

I've been receiving massages for several years for my fibromyalgia and the massage I had with Sadaqua was probably the best massage I've ever had. She certainly has a healing touch. The amethyst mat on the table feels great too!

by  Anonymouson Apr 24


by  Jeanon Feb 26

Sadaqa did a great job! Not too rough. I'm definitely coming back again!

by  Sarahon Feb 18

Quiet and relaxing

by  Belindaon Feb 14

Best massage I’ve had. Super therapist!!!!

by  Anonymouson Jan 15

I loved my massage with Sadaqa Calhoun-Redus. She immediately located where I carry my stress and worked out the bumps in my muscles. The oil she used has a pleasant scent and I left feel like butter with silky soft skin. I think that her additional training in Reiki really gave the massage something more. I would highly recommend her services.

by  Lauraon Dec 06

Saadaqa is magic and I highly recommend her for ANY of her services:)

by  Birdieon Nov 28

Kind and caring person. Would recommend Sadaqa to anyone.

Service: 60 min. Reiki Massage Therapy Session 

I received an amazing Reiki massage by Sadaqa. She definitely has the healing touch! Afterwards I feel so relaxed and calm. She is a beautiful and sweet soul.

Sept 23, 2017

Reiki Session 60 min

I don't have words to express how much better I feel after an hour with this amazing woman. She has a great skill and kind nature. Very easy to relax and work with! Thank you so much!

Sept 26, 2017


I must say that I was very optimistic about the whole Holistic approach but Asé educated me on everything and what would take place afterwards. I went from barely walking with alot of pain to walking 5 miles 3 times a week with no pain! Also my mental state has even improved with being able to understand how certain things caused inflammation in my body! Thank you very much and I HIGHLY recommend experiencing their process.

Maurice Keyes

Sept 28, 2017

Service: New Client Life Machine Session 120 min

Sadaqa really explained every aspect of the biofeedback and answered all of my questions thoroughly! She emailed me pics of all of my information and made suggestions for me going forward; I LOVE the print out of my aura and chakras! I would love to do this again in about a year or so to see how much has changed!

Oct 22, 2017

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