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Sadaqa Calhoun-Redus

Sadaqa Calhoun-Redus began her journey when she was only 3 weeks old.  She was diagnosed with

what is now known as EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa is an illness that causes the skin to be fragile. Because the skin is so fragile, it can be easily injured, causing painful blisters to form. These blisters can cause serious problems if they become infected.) She almost died but, she was saved by an angel, an angel that laid hands on her and healed her. When Sadaqa was about 21 and trying to find her way and find out what her purpose was in life, her mom told her the story about her being a miracle baby touched by an angel.

 In 1999 Sadaqa began her search for “her purpose”.  She was introduced to Reiki.

In January of 2000 she was attuned in Reiki 1 and that began a whole new world for her.

 Not only did Sadaqa begin to embrace Reiki but she also went to school for massage in 2001 and began working as a healer.

A seasoned holistic health and wellness professional and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in fitness, various energy modalities, and alternative health disciplines, is a practicing Reiki Master and alternative health practitioner specializing in Reiki, Quantum Touch, Reflexology, Polarity and Meditation, to name a few. Prior to moving to the Cincinnati area in 2016, Sadaqa served as the founder and CEO of Sadaqa’s Wellness Center in Cleveland, Ohio – a non-traditional healthcare provider specializing in “energy based” natural healing methodologies that treat the “whole” person – mind, body and spirit.

Before establishing Sadaqa’s Wellness Center, Sadaqa served as the founder and CEO of “Keep It Movin’ Baby” LLC (KIM’B) – a health and fitness organization specializing in “fun & fitness” through a series of high energy programs such as Zumba, FBS (Full Body and Spirit Workout), Soulful Stretch and Flex, and Rhythmic Beats, to name a few. Through Sadaqa’s efforts and wildly popular programming, KIM’B was recognized as “Fitness Center of the Year” in 2011 and 2012 in the Cleveland area. Sadaqa has been further recognized in a number of publications such as Phenomenal Women Magazine and Cleveland Magazine, and was also the “runner-up” for the prestigious Fox 8 News “Cleveland Fox 8 Hot List” for fitness centers.

Sadaqa has long had a passion for helping others, which began professionally early in her career as she served as a nursing assistant. The pain of her clients passing on became too heavy on her heart as she often grew attached to her clients and their families – most of whom were terminally ill and in the final stages of life, so she decided that instead of helping people transition from this life to the next that she would help them maintain their lives through fitness, health and wellness.

Sadaqa’s efforts have since brought relief to many individuals and their families who, prior to working with Sadaqa, suffered from many illnesses and chronic disorders such as Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Migraines, Muscular Disorders, and pregnancy complications, to name a few. Today, Sadaqa, through her latest entrepreneurial effort called “Asè ” is focused on showing men, women and children that if the energy systems in our bodies (known as Chakras) are balanced, that these amazing physiques that we live in have the power to heal themselves.

Sadaqa is a graduate of The American Institute of Holistic Theology where she obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Holistic Ministries, and maintains a number of certifications across various health and wellness and energy modalities. She has a special interest in reducing healthcare disparities, childhood obesity, and other chronic health challenges often associated with poor health choices and lifestyles.  Sadaqa is married to Darrin Redus, Sr. and enjoys spending time with their 6 children, 6 grandchildren and their 2 fur babies.


“What the mind forgets, the body remembers."  I have been blessed to be able to help many “remember” so that they can begin to heal.   It is such an honor and a blessing to be able to assist people in their healing process  physically, mentally and spiritually.


 Asé~ (So be it!)



Education and Experience

Zumba/Aqua Zumba licensed

International Fitness Associations Certification, Personal Training/Group Aerobic Instructor CI #202989

Ethical Massage Practitioner Certification, Registration # 98-01- 1481T

Karuna Holy Fire Level 2 Reiki Master/Teacher

Quantum Touch 1 certification

Quantum Touch 2 certification

Death Doula

Yoni Steam Practitioner

Iron Body QiGong Instructor

Ariel Yoga Instructor


2015-2016  Wholistic Healing LLC.- Karuna Holy Fire  Reiki Level 2

2010-2014 Bachelors of Science in Holistic Ministries, The American Institute of Holistic Theology

2002 Cleveland School of Massage and Advance Bodywork

1999-2001 NuDawn Living Art Center - Reiki




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