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Reiki Energy session

Reiki is a relaxing energy session. The practitioner has the client lay down on a massage table fully clothed while playing relaxing music. Sometimes the practitioner will light a candle, incents or use aromatherapy to assist in the relaxation of the client. The practitioner then begins to search for and clear blockages in the energetic body. This session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

$65.00 per session

with intuitive message $85.00

Life coaching

Pour Out session

Have you ever wanted to talk/vent to someone who was unbiased with no connection to a situation? Have you ever just wanted to vent about something or someone just to release the energy of the situation or the person? Do you need someone to speak to about a personal situation that you don't want to share with family or friends for fear of judgment or them telling someone else? This is what a pour out session is for. Whatever is shared in this session stays between you and the Pour Out professional. 

1 hour session $60.00

Reiki Treatment

Relaxing Reiki Massage

This is a magical, relaxing, energy massage. This is not a deep tissue massage. The massage is very flowy much like a Swedish massage. The professional will stop on different parts of the body where she feels blockages and pour loving reiki energy into those spaces to get the stagnant energy moving again.

30 minute back massage $45.00

1 hour session $85.00

90 minute session $130.00

add Frequency healing for an additional $25.00

add hot towels for an additional $5.00

Music Equipment

Frequency Machine (Rife)

Everything has its own frequency/vibration. Every part of our bodies/organs has its own frequency. Sickness can be observed in the energetic body before it manifests in the physical body.  When there is an imbalance in the energetic body the use of frequency may assist in the healing/restoring of the imbalance in that particular organ or body part. This session is somewhat like a reiki session but instead of the professional working on you she will use a speaker on the part of the body that needs restoring. With the machine she will select the imbalance that you would like to work on and turn the frequency of that organ/body part on and place the speaker playing the frequency of the body that needs to be restored. You are fully clothed  during this session accompanied with relaxing music and aromatherapy. 

One hour session $60.00 

90 minute session $85.00

Meditating Outdoors

Breathwork Meditation

This session can be for an individual or a group. The professional will guide you through a breathing meditation. You will be fully clothed and either on a massage table or on the floor on yoga mats. You can lie down or sit in a comfortable position. 

One 60 minute session $60.00

One 60 minute group session $12.00 per person

Practicing Tai Chi

Qi Gong/Movement

Reiki Treatment

Reiki/Pour Out session

This is a 30 minute reiki session followed by a 30 minute pour out session. I will explain where I feel blockages in the energy body and the connection to the emotion of it. The client may choose to share some history on what the root issue of the imbalance may be. 

One session $65.00

Children Meditating

Enlightened Spirits Breathwork/Holistic classes for children

Unfortunately, our children suffer from anxiety and stress due to their environment, family situations and/or bullying. If we can teach them how to breathe through these imbalances and give them tools and emotional support to handle uncomfortable situations, we can assist them in becoming healthier, stronger independent young people.

Rate to be determined soon.

Sessions will begin in June 2024


Monthly Holistic Workshops

Every month we will hold workshops on holistic options, exercise, plant based foods, CBD/THC, Microdosing, etc.. 

The workshops will be held in the evenings and on some Saturday or Sundays.

The fee will be set for each workshop before the actual workshop.

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